How to Market and Advertise a Franchise?

How to Get Leads from a Franchise Marketing Plan?

A successful franchise relies on a constant stream of leads across different locations. However, it will depend on a franchise’s business objectives and marketing goals as to whether these leads come in the form of new customers or new franchisees. If you already know which side your business needs fall on – or if you are a franchisee yourself – it will come time to consider how to get more leads from your franchise marketing plan.

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When leads = customers

Perhaps you’re a franchisee who’s looking to impress the big boss and cement your place in this burgeoning business. You’ll want to rake in as many leads as possible so that you can point to the data and explain how you successfully put your store on the map.

So how can you generate leads for a specific location such as a local hardware or retail store?

Know your audience: the very best franchisees engage with their customers on a personal level without being too overbearing. They get to know the names of loyal customers and they have a deep understanding of customer pain points.

Living in the same area as your customers may give you an advantage in their area – perhaps your business offers something that no nearby competitors can.

Broader than this, you should know the types of people that you want to enter your store – how old are they; what are their interests; what are their spending limits?

Answering all of these questions and more will allow you to develop a marketing plan that is more likely to generate leads, as you appear more relatable to your target audience.

Encourage positive reviews: surprise – this article has a bit of homework for you. Google: “How many people trust reviews?” Scroll through basically every result to quickly discover how a well-reviewed business is far more likely to generate leads, sales, and loyal customers. Every time you make a conversion, encourage them to leave a review and consider offering a discount as a reward. Google Reviews are especially valuable as this rating can appear anytime someone searches your business (assuming you’ve set up a Google Business Profile!)

Target segments: returning momentarily to that audience you know so well, make sure your digital marketing efforts target them effectively.

Depending on your business, different demographics may respond differently to each campaign. To create the most leads, you’ll need to tailor your content to specific segments. Remember to tinker with your assets and segments for the best results and never accept mediocrity – in our experience, there is often a way to improve.

When leads = franchisees

Alright big bosses, your turn. Lead generation for franchise marketing can also relate to welcoming new franchisees. Your empire will surely fall without the humble store manager holding up the foundations of your brand.

To keep these foundations sturdy, you’ll want to find people who are willing to represent your brand values to a tee and who are as passionate about generating leads as you are.

To find the best franchisee for your new store, you should maximise your options by generating as many leads as possible. So, how can this be accomplished?

Put your values on a pedestal: the only thing worse than generating no leads is hiring a franchisee who suddenly realises the business doesn’t align with their values. By highlighting your core values from day one, you can be sure to attract only those who are happy to work for a business like yours.

Acknowledge their journey: unless you’re specifically searching for serial franchisees, you’ll likely hire someone who’s making a leap to join your business. They may have experience in the industry, but they may not have pictured themselves joining a franchise. To massage them through the process of doing so, use marketing content that acknowledges their commitment and how they will be supported in the role.

Partially owning your own store can be a lot of pressure for some people, and while strong applicants should be able to cope with such pressure, it doesn’t hurt to be supportive during their transition. Outline the process, responsibilities, and benefits of the role to really warm them up to the idea.

Use the right platforms: This is probably the most simple advice of them all. Make sure that you are advertising positions in the right places. People rarely turn to Facebook or Instagram for job opportunities, but professionals are regularly browsing LinkedIn or Twitter. That’s not to say you shouldn’t funnel any of your budget towards the former, but a majority should probably go towards the latter.

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